AIMS History

Our Story

Back in the 1990’s, many doctors from the North West of Pakistan came to the UK for specialist training. They were mostly graduates of Khyber Medical College Peshawar. While in training, they thought about the people back home, who had very little access to the healthcare facilities. These people were unaware of the healthcare system and the basic health needs. The doctors decided to form a group for this task and met for the first time in May 1995 in Stoke-on-Trent. There were 17 individuals who agreed in principle to be part of this programme. Alongside earning their own livelihood, they would try to improve the healthcare back home. They agreed for this organisation to be named ‘Abaseen Institute of Medical Sciences’ (AIMS). Abaseen is the famous and historical river in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. The name itself means ‘father of the rivers’. AIMS then created its logo with a red crescent and the waves of the river. With the passage of time, some associates left, and other new friends had joined. The organisation carried out its work and was then registered in 2003, as a charity, with the Charity Commission in the UK.

AIMS International’s official partner in Pakistan is AIMS-Pk, a nongovernmental organisation registered with the department of social welfare, Peshawar.

The Work of AIMS International

Trained nurses from Peshawar in the UK. Two nurses were sponsored to get specialist training in the UK for a number of months.

Sponsoring and provided the Managerial training in Hospitals in the UK, for the AIMS manager in Peshawar.

Successful grant application to DIFD UK for research in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes in Asian communities, project in Pakistan.

Health MELA – Oldham 2006

Workshops for Cardiovascular diseases, with the input from Public Health UK

Village People Project in Peshawar, Pakistan

Transportation of two donated Ambulances from NHS to Pakistan, ambulances were used for relief and community work.

Earthquake relief work and restoration of cabin airlift for the village of Kot Gala

Opening of Computer Skill Centre for the earthquake affected communities in Battagram, Pakistan

Helping with carrying out Vaccination Programme, Thakot Hospital, Pakistan

(8, 9 and 10 were accomplished as a joint venture with Khyber Medical Association, UK.)

Ongoing support to AIMS-Pk, with the running of the Sugar Hospital in Peshawar

We aim to continue our work and plan to put more resources into our ongoing as well as new projects. Thank you for reading and finding out more about AIMS International.