Sponsorship Options

Please donate generously in the following projects in Pakistan

Sponsor a Patient - £200

This donation amount will provide one year treatment sponsorship for a patient with diabetes, and/or hypertension and/or cholesterol. The following is inclusive: Physician Consultation + Nursing checks of vitals + Fasting Blood sugar and 3 monthly Prescription + Medication x 4, screening of feet and eyes for any effects of diabetes x 2 i.e. six monthly., Examination to be carried out by a Foot-care Nurse and Optometrist. Consultation with a Clinical Dietician x 6 monthly. Also a minimum of 2 sets of additional blood tests, each of which will include HbA1c, Lipids, Liver and Kidney Function, B12, Urine Routine and Microalbuminuria. There is provision of one ECG and an additional set of tests or equivalent during the year if medically required. For any medical needs over and above the patient and family will be advised. The sponsor can opt in or out to know any about such needs. The sponsor will be notified at least two times during the year regarding usage and balance of the donation amount. Any balance left at the end of the year will be added to the next year donation.

Note: If you are unable to pay the full amount and would like to pay a portion, please specify when donating.

Sponsor a Village - £2,000

This will provide setup of a mobile medical camp in a village once every month for a year. Most of the services provided to a patient in Sugar Hospital will be provided to your sponsored village in a camp setting. The staff and logistics in the team in one daily camp caters for the needs of 50 – 60 patients on the day, usually held in the village’s Basic Health Unit or someone’s hujra. The sponsor usually identifies a local contact to coordinate and look after the team on the day. The cost does not include all medicine required for each patient, although essential medicine for the conditions are included and repeated on a monthly basis up-to ten times a year. Currently we are reaching out to villages in Peshawar, Charsada, Mardan, Nowshera, Swabi, Kohat, Hangu, khyber and Mohmand districts – located up-to two hours travel time from Hayatabad, Peshawar. Currently AIMS operates an average of 6 – 8 such camps, a couple of which have been running for over 15 years. We hope that once we reach up to 15 – 16 camps sponsored for a year, we will have a Mobile Sugar Hospital KP established.

Sponsor a Doctor or Consultant Endocrinologist - £28000

We continue to struggle without an accredited subject specialist on ground who has the potential to lead the team, practice to satisfy patients’ needs, have ability to train medical staff, and potentially develop the facility to a decent level. The main reason is the current status of the organization cannot afford to compete with other employers. Monthly salary of such a doctor can be up to PKR 400,000 plus / month, for any hope of a decent period of retention.

Sponsor a Clinical Dietician and Nutrition Service: £3,000

This is an essential service that can potentially prevent, or in some cases reverse diabetes. We struggle to educate the public. While we aspire to make each step of the circle of care sustainable, our patients and their families are not willing to pay a fraction of the additional service the dietician may charge for closer follow ups and appropriate weight management support. Hence it is desirable to have this position sponsored.

Sponsor Footcare: £3,000

Appropriate footcare saves feet amputation in diabetes. The service is an essential part of the diabetes care and always difficult to maintain as registered nurses mostly go for governmental jobs and find the salary we offer very low. Qualified podiatrists are not available in Pakistan. The sponsoring of a nurse is also included.